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They Call Me High Heels Monica

Most girls tend to have a nice swank or sway even when they walk in flats. For some reason, I don’t and it was not until I discovered high heels, I started to feel really confident in my body. It was actually around this time I was cherry picked to work for London escorts, and I felt that I was finally totally empowered as a woman. I loved the new me which emerged after having discovered high heels from Bruno Magli. Now I have a whole wardrobe full of shoes from Bruno Magli which I wear both at London escorts and at home.

When I am not at London escorts, I always make sure that I have a couple of smart shoes on my feet. As soon as I get out of bed in the morning, I slip on a pair of designer slippers and make my coffee. But sometimes, especially when I have had a really good shift at London escorts, I stop by my dressing room and look at my shoe collection. With a little bit of extra money in my pocket, I know that I will be able to make my next investment in shoes.

It sounds crazy, and the other girls at London escorts do call me High Heels Monica because of my love for shoes. Most London escorts buy their shoes from different designers, but I cannot stop buying shoes from Bruno Magli. It does cost me a lot of money, but I do well at the London escorts service that I work for, so I am not going to worry about my shoes too much. In fact, I have built a rather interesting collection over time and many of the girls that I work with at London escorts come around to borrow shoes for special occasions. I don’t mind that at all and I am glad the shoes are being put to good use.

Do I feel guilty about my shoe collection? There was a time when I used to feel really guilty about my shoe collection, but I don’t do that anymore. When adverts for poor kids in Africa used to come on, I always phoned up with a new a donation. Now I don’t do that any more.

Everything that I have got has been bought and paid for my my earnings from charlotte action escorts. I think that I have right to have shoe fetish and not feel guilty about it at all. A girl has to have some fun in her life, and why should she not be allowed to enjoy shoes. I also think that a nice pair of shoes make you feel really empowered and I love that as well. There is nothing like walking down the street with a nice sway knowing that you have a pair of sexy heels on. It makes you feel so good and really sexy at the same time. I am sure that there are a lot of women who appreciate what that is like.

My Sexy Holiday in the Caribbean

I had never been to the Caribbean before I travelled with one of my friends from London escorts. That was not the only thing that I had not experienced on my travels, going hedonistic was something else as well. The first time one of my friends at London escorts suggested that we go to Hedonism II in Jamaica, I told her that I was not really ready for it. I said no but when I heard what a great time she had, I totally regretted it.

Over the next year, I worked really hard at London escorts. I knew that I wanted a little bit of what my friends at the escort agency had. It would be so nice to escape London and have a little break from London escorts in the middle of the British winter. So I worked my socks off and got together the cost of my first Caribbean sexy adventure. As a matter of fact, I patted myself on the back as I had managed to pay off a little bit of extra on the mortgage at the same time.

When we got to Heathrow, I could not believe how excited I was. All I wanted to do was to get on that plane and leave London for behind me. Over the last two weeks, I had been really busy at London escorts and was really exhausted. In all honest, I was really looking forward to my sexy Jamaican holiday with all of my friends from London escorts. It would be a totally new experience and I was really up for it.

I will always remember the first time I saw Hedonism II. The beach looked amazing and my hotel room was great. It was more like a suite than a room and was really looking forward to getting down to business. Most of the other girls from London escorts on the trip had been to Hedonism II before and knew the routine. A couple of my other colleagues from London escorts were Hedonism virgins and we stepped out about an hour later wearing our bikinis. Needless to say, there was no need for bikinis at Hedonism II. I loved it, and it turned out that Hedonism II was indeed that sort of resort that you did not need to worry about what time of the day you got out of bed to have breakfast. Exactly the sort of holiday made for cheap London escorts who love sex.

Before I knew, I was into the swing of things at the resort. I met some really exciting people from all over the world, and had a great time with them. Until this point, I had not realized how popular hedonism was around the world, and it was a real eye opener to me. The week just flew past and before I knew it I was back at my London escorts boudoir. Yes, I had a great time, and I certainly know where I am going to be taking my holidays in the future. Hedonism II Jamaica – I will be back next year!

How To Get The Most Sexual Pleasure From Your Escort

Many men who are new to escort services do not know how to get the most pleasurable experience from their escort. Below is a brief guide to getting started with using escorts, so that you can make the most of your time and money.

Most escorts will ask you to “get comfortable”, which means that she is asking you if you are ready for sex. If you are ready to start, then take her to the bedroom and start undressing. You need to undress first for legal reasons, and she will quickly follow suit.

The next step is to start relaxing and let yourself enjoy the experience. She is a professional, so do not concern yourself with impressing her with your sexual prowess. If you are clean, kind and sober, you have already made it an enjoyable experience for her.

If you are a little hesitant about diving right into the sex, many novice men like to start with a back rub to break the ice and get comfortable. Most escorts work on an hourly basis, so you should have plenty of time to start off slow. It is important for you to be comfortable and relaxed and to not feel rushed, which will ensure that she is in the best place to perform her professional duties and bring you the maximum sexual pleasure possible.

Be sure to go through the usual stages of foreplay, including soft touching and kissing. Even though she is a paid professional, an escort still requires the same sexual attention as any other woman. Also, even if she is being paid, if you make it more enjoyable for her, then she will be better able to make it more enjoyable for you. Do not worry about being too romantic, just do whatever comes naturally when you are trying to turn a woman on for sex.

Pay attention and be sensitive to her desires. All women have different things that they like and that turn them on. Some love having fingers inside them, while other women do not like the feeling at all. Ask her what she wants you to do and listen to what she says. In a similar vein, always ask before you do something that she might not enjoy. Most escorts are not interested in anal play, so be sure to ask her before you start. If you want anything out of the ordinary, be sure to ask the escort service in advance so that they can send the right escort for your desires.

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